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Dear Toni,
Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for all your help, kindness, concern and knowledge in helping me pick out wigs to deal with my Chemo treatments. I was so scared and upset when I first came into your store but you set my mind to ease and helped me deal with all that is coming and all that is now here. I have never in my life been treated so professionally by a patron of service as I was with you and your store. Your organization is just the greatest. Word of mouth is GOLDEN and if I have anything to do with it, your store will be filled with gold! Also, thank you for the Guardian Angel pin – I will wear it with pride! I was so touched! You truly are a super person and a great inspiration to those in need.

– Sheri G.

Dear Toni and Karen,
I wanted to thank you so very much for the help you gave my sister when she came to you for a wig. The loss of her hair from chemo has been much less traumatic because of the beautiful hair that she has now. You were both so very compassionate and understanding as you helped her. I cannot thank you enough. I am her sister and of course, I want to fix it all and make everything ok. I can't but I can make sure that some of these other things are done to make her comfortable, you touched my heart. Thank you.

– Nancy D.

Several years ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer I purchased a wig here locally…and Karen Schaffer cut and styled my wig. She was professional in her approach and very kind to me during which was a very difficult time in my life. I believe that she has worked with women undergoing hair loss for some time, she certainly is familiar with the issues those of us face with this problem. Thank you.

– Susan T.

I am a retired (33 years) teacher from California. I have used hair pieces and wigs for over 30 years on my job and during all my travels around the world. Five years ago I moved to Peoria, AZ because my son and grandson are here. I looked for a place that could continue to care for my hair needs. When I met Karen Schaffer I knew I found the kind of person I had had over the years. She is very professional, well qualified and an excellent stylist who knows color and what is right for her customer. I have gotten several wigs and Karen ONLY cares for my complete hair needs. She is friendly, funny and willing to please… As a friend and customer I highly recommend Karen's ability, skills and professional ways with her clients. She is a real asset to the profession and I WILL continue to seek her complete hair services as long as I live in AZ

– Evelyn S.

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